Michael and Ellen

Wedding Party


McCall Jones Rackley, Matron of Honor

McCall is Ellen’s cousin, and the sister that she never had. They grew up down the street from one another, and managed to spend their glory days riding bikes and spending time at the pool. McCall has a heart of gold, lives in Camilla, Georgia with her husband Joseph and beautiful baby girl Anna Claire and is a kindergarten teacher at Baconton Community Charter School.


Kimberly Jue Rosario, Bridesmaid

Kimberly was Ellen’s middle school basketball nemesis, high school best friend and college roommate. She’s the weird to Ellen’s goofy, and they both have a healthy appreciation for a great nap. She’s living a California dream in LA with her husband Fernando and their two precious kiddos, Adrienne and Jamie.


Jennifer Ward McDonald, Bridesmaid

Jen and Ellen met when they were delegates for Georgia Tech at the ACC Leadership Conference. She has the perfect playlist for any occasion, and if she wasn’t so engineeringly inclined, she’d probably be a music director for an MLB ballpark. She lives in the ATL with her husband Mark, and their two rugrats Walter and Vivian.  


David Harrison, Best Man

Michael met David on the first day of preschool when he was three years old. They immediately became best friends (Michael’s report cards often read “Michael and David build amazing block towers, but won’t let anyone else play with them.”) When Michael was 5 he successfully lobbied his parents to move so that he could attend the same grade school as David, and so it was only natural that when Michael moved to Minneapolis in 2014 he bought a condo in the same building as David. David is pursuing his PhD in Physics at the University of Minnesota.  


Matthew DesJardins, Groomsman

Two years younger and only barely smaller, Matthew and Michael developed a rivalry which has grown fonder by the year. Matt is always kind, irritatingly athletic and satisfyingly 95% as good as Michael at games. Matt lives in Minneapolis where he continues in the family trade of selling cars.


Jack Rinn, Groomsman

Jack moved in across the street from Michael in middle school and promptly installed himself as the third DesJardins son (especially at dinnertime), even joining in a family trip to Europe. Michael, not to be outdone, joined the Rinn family, and accompanied them on an excursion to Japan. Jack lives with his wife Meg and dog Chip in the Nordeast of Minneapolis.


John Minser, Groomsman

John and Michael spent three years as college roommates. Though Ellen may someday break it, John holds the record for “most time spent talking with Michael.” John is brilliant, funny and one of the wisest people Michael has ever met. John is an avid writer and poet, and lives outside of Kalamazoo, MI with his wife Becky.


Tom Pappas, Usher

Tom was one of Michael’s college roommates and the Statler to Michael’s Waldorf (the old-men heckler muppets) on the Siegfried Rambler football field (back-to-back champions!). Tom is the most kind, witty and smart person anyone could imagine, and a future governor of Indiana. Tom is pursuing his PhD in classics in Bloomington, IN where he lives with his wife Lindsay and 4 children.